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Olivia Maertens

Olivia Maertens photo Olivia Maertens
  • Black Belt 1st Degree
  • Blue Belt

Hi! My name's Olivia Maertens, and I have over a decade of athletic experience and 6 years of martial arts experience. I've been featured in an article as both an inspirational young woman and a person who has overcome a disability (Epilepsy) and thrived.


  • I was a dancer for over 11 years. I studied at The Main Pointe School of Dance and have competed and trained in styles such as Modern, Contemporary, Tap, High Kick, and Ballet (Advanced levels). I have also been an instructor to 7-12th graders in Modern dance.   

Martial Arts:  

  • Judo for 6 years: I'm a 1st-degree Black Belt (Shodan) under Javier Valenzuela.
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: I occasionally train at Start BJJ  in St. Cloud, MN. Start BJJ’s head instructor is Professor Brock Larson, a prior UFC fighter. Current Start BJJ MMA fighters include UFC signed Angel Pacheco, and Pro fighters Coty Milhausen, Joey Hart and Augustine Hahn.

I look forward to training with you!